Please use our new email addresses

It has come to our attention that the November election of New HoH board members who took office in January has caused us to fumble some communications. In an effort to correct this, and to prevent similar problems for future board members, we have created some email addresses which will be used by HoH for official business and will be passed to future HoH leadership when they take office.

If you have been using any email contacts OTHER than these and haven’t gotten a response, please let us know by sending an email to one of the addresses below: – general communication with HoH leadership – speak directly with the HoH president.

The current Executive Board is:

Debby Williams (President)
Benita Malone (Vice President)
Soraya Galindo (Secretary)
Karen Goodger (Treasurer)
Bob Gross (At Large)

Thanks so much

Debby Williams

President Humanists of Houston