What’s going on at Humanists of Houston

We hope all is well in your life.  Humanists of Houston and our parent organization, American Humanists Association, have been busy!

Nationally, the American Humanists Association has announced three separate Trump policies that we will be working against.

  1. We will stand against the repeal of the Johnson Amendment which would allow clergy/churches to endorse political candidates AND keep their tax exempt status.  That action would allow unlimited and tax-deductible donations to individuals who wish to further erode the Constitution and marginalize communities like ours.
  2. We will also stand against threats to reproductive rights and health care of women. The American Humanist Association took part in the Women’s march and fully opposes all actions that will turn back the clock for women including the reinstatement of the Global Gag Rule and appointment of anti-women Supreme Court justices.
  3. We will stand against the funneling of tax dollars to subsidize religious schools.  School voucher programs simply are NOT about school choice.  They are about finagling a way for tax dollars to go to ‘charter’ schools that underperform and teach things like the earth is 6000 years old.

With that in mind our March Monthly Gathering on March 18@1PM will feature a speaker from ACLU of Texas who will give us some ways and suggestions on how to get involved. RSVP here

Interested in getting more involved yourself?  You can help promote a Humanist worldview right here in Houston!  We are looking for individuals to bring their talents to help HoH grow.  Some areas we need help in right now are:

  • Those who can do graphics for all sorts of media including web and print
  • Those who are willing to help set up for events and meetings
  • Those who are interested in posting articles and events of interest on our social media
  • And any other thing you can do to help

Please email info@humanistsofhouston.org if you’re interested in volunteering.

There will NOT be holding a monthly gathering in April as we will be participating in the March for Science in Houston.  More details will be posted on Meetup and Facebook about our participation.

Have a great week!

Debby Williams

For more information about our events and participating check us out