About Us

americanHumanistAssociationThe Humanists of Houston is a membership chapter of the American Humanist Association. We host numerous events throughout the month for friendly humanists, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and freethinkers in the Houston area. These meetings usually include socializing, followed by a thought-provoking presentation and/or discussions on ethics, culture, religious issues, science, the future, living a meaningful secular life, or other interesting topics.

Darwin Day Celebration

In addition to our main Monthly Gathering at Trini Mendenhall Community Center, HOH hosts several other regular events such as discussion groups on various topics of interest.  HOH often plays a part in annual events such as Darwin Day, World Humanist Day, and our annual Winter Solstice party.

Please feel free to attend any of our events or activities. foodBankMay2016For a listing of these events including their dates and locations, please see our Calendar or contact us with any questions.

Statement of Purpose
The following statement has been adopted by HOH to define some of its aims:

We want to be members of a community where:
• Reason and pragmatism predominate.
• There is concern for the improvement of society.
• People are encouraged to think for themselves and take control of their own lives.
• The scientific outlook and use of the scientific method are promoted.
• People are learning and encouraged to learn.
• There is compassion and kindness to others.
• Listening, tolerance, and open-mindedness are promoted.
• Enjoyment of life and the seeking of cultural experiences are encouraged.
• There is an interest in world affairs.

The History of HOH

The following is paraphrased from sections of “History of Humanism in Houston” by Robert D. Finch.

Dr. Robert Finch

An informal group of humanists began to meet in the early 1970s in Houston. During this time a leading light of the group was Dr. Ray
Karchmer Daily, an eye surgeon who was also a member of the Houston School Board for many years and its President twice. A school in West Houston was recently named in her honor.

Dr. Daily convened a large humanist meeting with 130 people present. She later died at the age of 83 in 1975. Her son, Dr. Louis Daily, is a member of HOH to this day. In 1978, the

Dr. Louis Daily

“Humanists of Houston” (HOH) was chartered as a chapter of the American Humanist Association (AHA). An inaugural meeting was addressed by Beth Fennell who later married Dr. Corliss Lamont. Regular meetings were attended by as many as 60 participants. A newsletter has been published continuously since 1985, and HOH was the subject of two articles in the Religion Section of the Houston Chronicle (1978, 1981).


Also in 1985, a second chapter called “Humanists Involved in Greater Houston” (HIGH) was formed, and existed at the same time as HOH from 1985 to 1992. In 1992 the two groups were united under the HIGH name.

In 1992 a development fund was established with $300. In that same year, first Volume of Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism was published with Dr. Marian Hillar as editor, which has since become a national publication of the AHA. In 1994 the chapter voted to return to the “Humanists of Houston” name.

In 1996, HOH hosted a conference called ETHICS-96. In 1999 HOH became a member-organization of the newly established Houston Freethought Alliance and jointly hosted another conference in 2000. It was called Religion, Humanism, and Science in the 21st Century and was attended by notable humanists and freethinkers from all over the country, including Council for Secular Humanism Chair, Paul Kurtz, and AHA President Edd Doerr.

Throughout the years, HOH has hosted and co-hosted numerous public events, given to many charitable causes, and conducted interesting activities for its members. Today we are in the midst of renewing our programs and outreach efforts, and all Houston Humanists and freethinkers are welcome to join us in building an exciting local community in the future!

Past Presidents of HOH
Kyle Nagel (1978)
Andrew W. Seacord II (1979)
Mike Pore (1980)
Ben Levy (1981)
Frank Prahl (1982)
Kyle Nagel (1983-1984)
Barbara Nagel (1985-1987)
Frank Prahl (HIGH, 1985)
Douglas Hook (HIGH, 1986)
Frank Prahl (HIGH, 1987)
Ariel Thomann (1987-1988)
Marian Hillar (HIGH, 1988-1989)
Jan Dura (1989-1991)
Barbara Bullock (HIGH, 1990)
Alice Leuchtag (HIGH, 1991)
Robert D. Finch (1992-1997)
Ron Titus (1998)
Jimmy Dunne (1999-2003)
Tom Brucia (2004-2006)
Daniel T. Strain (2007-2008)
Roxie Deaton (2008-2013)
Julie Ebersole (2013-2014)
Vic Wang (2014-2016)
Debby Williams(2017-present)