Why Donate

We have some wonderful programs planned for HOH. We also aim to do more outreach so as to let more people in the Houston area know about Humanism and about us. Once we welcomeTablehave enough Patrons, we hope to be capable of someday paying rent on a building space of our own, to use as a Humanist & Freethought Community Center. But that requires your help.

All donations go directly into HOH operating funds, to be used for such crucial things as advertising, speakers, various other outreach efforts, public events, and additional services and activities for our members. Your donation makes a big difference for what we are able to accomplish! Also, since HOH is a 501c3 non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible.

HOH Patron Program
These efforts to better serve our members and promote awareness of Humanism require operating expenses. watchingVideoTherefore, we have developed something called the HOH Patron Program. For those who feel they would like to offer more to their local Humanist group, they can become an HOH Patron. This means that the Patron pledges to support HOH with a monthly tax-deductible payment of $20 (less than 70 cents a day). This is less than many people spend on movie rentals or snacks and of much greater value. In addition, it is far less than members of religious churches are asked to pay.