HoH Canned Goods Program

At HOH we’re asking all our members to just do one thing that should be quite easy, yet make a big difference in a needy person’s life.  foodBankCarousel

When you go to the grocery store, try buying at least one extra can of food (something versatile and healthy). As you put up your groceries, simply set those cans aside. Then, when you come to the HOH Main Monthly Gathering, just bring however many cans have ended up in that spot.

If you go to the store once per week, that should make an average of 4+ cans. If just 15 people at the Gathering participate, that’s 60+ cans!

foodIntoBoxesWe’ll be donating these cans to the needy, through the Houston Food Bank. If you have any questions, please contact us. Otherwise, we hope that everyone will be able to manage this small task that means so much.